Reports and Reviews

Resources are listed with the “google search” in apostrophes.

This research data and reports by organisations will be of interest to professionals and partner agencies working with seniors but not necessarily familiar with senior road safety. More general information can be found on our Information Sources page.

The inclusion of any organisation does not imply endorsement but are given to enable readers to make informed decisions. All information is subject to the conditions of each web site provider.

IAM.ORG.UK ‘Older Drivers – Safe or Unsafe? A 31 page authoritive survey re senior driving.
IAM.ORG.UK ‘Keeping Older Drivers Safe and Mobile’. A 50 page survey of older drivers.
RAC FOUNDATION ‘Maintaining Safe Mobility for the Ageing Population’.
ROAD SAFETY KNOWLEDGE CENTRE Links to a number of important reports around senior driving.
ROAD SAFETY KNOWLEDGE CENTRE ‘Older Road Users.’ A useful research document by Cornwall Council.
ROAD SAFETY FOUNDATION Links to important studies on main web page and library links including:
‘Making Older Drivers Safer For Longer’. Research document for above report.
‘Risk And Safety On The Roads: The Older Pedestrian’ a useful if older study.
‘Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age’. Report supported by Ageas Insurance.
‘Supporting Safe Driving Into Old Age’. A 70 page National Strategy Report.
OLDER DRIVERS TASK FORCE ‘Supporting Safe Driving into Old Age’. C G B (Kit) Mitchell.
ROAD SAFETY OBSERVATORY Web site organisation hosting many road safety subject reviews including;
ROAD SAFETY OBSERVATORY ‘Drivers – Older Drivers’ Significant review.

PACTS ‘It’s My Choice’. A 70 page Parliamentary Advisory Council report.
HOUSE OF COMMONS LIBRARY ‘Older Drivers Briefing Paper – Number SN409.’

AA FOUNDATION FOR ROAD SAFETY RESEARCH ‘Risk and safety on the roads – The Older pedestrian’
TRANSPORT FOR LONDON ‘Older Pedestrians and Road Safety’ About attitudes and communication.

ROAD SAFETY OBSERVATORY ‘Drivers – Eyesight and Driving’. A far reaching research document.

ROAD SAFETY OBSERVATORY ‘Mobility Impaired – Drivers’. Significant review.
RICA ‘Mobility Scooters; a market study 2014
RICA ‘Mobility Scooter User Survey 2014’
RICA .Mobility Scooters – Usability of Mobility Scooter Controls’.
RICA ‘Mobility Scooters – Buses’. Important information re taking scooters on buses.
RICA ‘Mobility Scooters – Carriage of Mobility Scooters on Public Transport’.
DEPT. OF TRANSPORT ‘Mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs on the road – user guidance.’
ETA.CO.UK ‘Mobility Scooters and the Law’
DLF.ORG.UK ‘Choosing a Mobility Scooter’.
BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) ‘Tuition requirements for the Control of Mobility Vehicles’ or ‘BHTA Code of Practice for mobility Vehicles (Scooters)’

ROAD CASUALTY REDUCTION STRATEGY FOR KENT 2014 – 2020. Self-explanatory 50 page document.

Kent Focus Group would be pleased to hear from any interested organisations or persons with an interest in, or knowledge of local initiatives in Kent regarding Senior Road Safety.