Driving and Dementia

A very complex area of discussion.

Anybody with a diagnosis of dementia must inform the DVLA as should the diagnosing practitioner. Disclosure does not mean automatic suspension or withdrawal of a licence. The DVLA will consider all relevant information and make a decision accordingly. This could result in there being licence conditions imposed, yearly reviews etc. or, worst case scenario, the licence is revoked on safety grounds both for the driver involved and others. The foregoing does don’t apply to mobility scooter users.

For somebody with mild cognitive impairment, which can be a fore runner to dementia, there is no requirement to inform the DVLA but as it is a grey area it could be advisable.

A huge burden is unwittingly placed on family, carers and friends to ‘police’ the situation for anybody showing signs of dementia to put safety of both the person and others as a precedent both from the driving and pedestrian road safety aspects.

The Alzheimer’s Society publish two excellent insights to ‘living with dementia’ and driving and both available on their web site.

  • Driving with dementia -Fact Sheet 439 -March 2016
  • Living with dementia – Driving

Additionally GEM Motoring Assist’s charity – www. stillsafetodrive.org.uk have a number of short videos available to watch on-line. One is titled ‘time to give up’ and gives useful tips for carers and others to address the issues.