Senior Road Safety

Kent Focus Group

In liaison with The Older Drivers Forum, Hampshire

Aiming to keep seniors safe on our roads into old age

Senior Road Safety – Kent Focus Group’s primary objective is to create awareness of road safety issues concerning Kent’s older population. This includes drivers, passengers, pedestrians or mobility scooter users. We aim to address the issues in partnership with other agencies, and thereby reduce the number of accidents overall. Furthermore our aim is to reverse the increases occurring commensurate with the ever expanding older population.

This web site provides invaluable insight for ‘seniors’, relatives and friends as well as professionals working with the older population. Our biggest attribute is our in depth knowledge of senior road safety and the day to day issues ‘seniors’ can face often without realising or with a worry they are reluctant to admit. We can help to keep you ‘road-safe’.

Kent Focus Group having reviewed many research documents, reports and statistics can state unequivocally that ‘seniors’ are at greater risk on our roads with an equally higher risk of being killed or seriously injured against the backdrop of a rising older population.

Kent Focus Group is an initiative to raise awareness of the road safety issues facing Kent’s senior population. Our aim is to reduce the many injuries occurring on a daily basis some of which lead to life changing injuries or even death. At the same time we are promoting options for maintaining independence and mobility for as long as practical.

Advice and Help Available

Talks (see also menu listing under “information”).

Experienced volunteers are able to give interesting and informative general talks to raise awareness covering the overall subject of senior road safety or to talk about specific aspects such as:

  • mobility scooters
  • medical conditions and medication
  • adjusting to automatic / semi-automatic transmission vehicles
  • updating Highway Code knowledge etc.

Talks ideally would be for about an hour but can be tailored to suit any audience; they are free but a nominal charge will be requested to cover travel expenses.


Our website pages are designed to act as an easy reference “hub” to provide comprehensive information for those seeking information and guidance:

  • Diver Competence – thoughts and advice around assessing a drivers safety and ability to continue driving safely.
  • Facts and Figures – highlighting some statistics around seniors.
  • Fact Sheets – some useful summary fact sheets around specific topics.
  • Information – directs you to important web links of other organisations addressing subjects within senior road safety; the resource links are in two parts – those of general interest and detailed studies and reports of more interest to road safety professionals.
  • Archives – all of the ‘old news’ but nevertheless containing many important and useful articles.

Events/Road Shows

We will attend suitable events throughout Kent whenever practicable along with other agencies to give advice and promote Senior Road Safety. (See also menu listing under “Information”).

Practical Training

It is our intention working with partners to introduce advice and training where there are identified needs. Initially earmarked are “mobility scooters” and “driving with automatic transmissions”, along with the promotion of “driver assessments” by road safety organisations and approved driving instructors.

Partners may promote or initiate other specialist training within their field of activity.

Information Sessions

We intend offering ‘local’ sessions covering various topics where we believe these would be useful to Kent’s older road users. (See also menu listing under “Information”).

Please use the Contact form for requests for talks and other information.